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Walking the Beach

Beach Treasures

Tide Line

opihi babies

Early Morning beach walk. Very low tide.

No matter which beach, no matter where you are, beach combing is so irresistible!. The lure of beach glass or pretty shells keeps my eyes looking down, Hoping for todays treasures. And they are always there.
Some just to admire. Some gone in the breaking wave before you can pick them up. Some alive and a little disconcerting.
One of the great perks of a little early morning exercise on my favorite beach.
And every once in a while something magical goes home to the beach jar.

I have a fat glass jar on my windowsill with treasures that go back to when my kids were small, when they were thrilled to find their first unbroken shells.
My beach jar is always a reminder of all that is waiting the next time.

So happy that I am free to be … walking the beach.