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Going less Green! …Bamboo and the Jackson

A few years ago as I was landscaping my cottage I planted a clump pf bamboo to create privacy between my house and the neighbors. The very nice man at the Haiku Flower Festival assured me that the bamboo would grow to about 12 to 15 feet max. Famous last words…it grew and grew and grew until it stood at more like 40 feet straight up. And it was so happy that it just kept putting out new shoots, about one a day. Both my neighbor and I despaired as the debris covered more and more of our yards and things struggled to grow. Finally I called for help and got a tree trimming service to help be take it down and grind the roots.

Wow down it comes and the amount of light created was awesome!

I thought I would miss it but the light it created by coming down was delightful.
We displaced quite a few Jacksons but this one doesn’t seem to have minded. Talk about going green, these littles guys change to the most amazing shades of green depending on what they are walking on. And they truly do “Maui time”. They walk so slow that I could go inside get my camera, change lenses and still come back and take this shot!

The challenge now is to watch for new shoots that may have escaped the path of the grinder. Bamboo doesn’t give up easy so I will need to pay attention