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Walking the Beach

Beach Treasures

Tide Line

opihi babies

Early Morning beach walk. Very low tide.

No matter which beach, no matter where you are, beach combing is so irresistible!. The lure of beach glass or pretty shells keeps my eyes looking down, Hoping for todays treasures. And they are always there.
Some just to admire. Some gone in the breaking wave before you can pick them up. Some alive and a little disconcerting.
One of the great perks of a little early morning exercise on my favorite beach.
And every once in a while something magical goes home to the beach jar.

I have a fat glass jar on my windowsill with treasures that go back to when my kids were small, when they were thrilled to find their first unbroken shells.
My beach jar is always a reminder of all that is waiting the next time.

So happy that I am free to be … walking the beach.

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The Proud and the Loud


Score of the day!

In Hawaii on all Islands, Chickens are a problem. More and more running free.

For months I had a rooster outside my bedroom window with a hoarse cry that woke me up repeatedly thru the night. I fantasized about beebee guns and rat poison. But who wants to put other creatures at risk?  So because neither was a possibility I learned to live with it.
Hens however are maybe a whole different story. No rooster required.

People line up to buy fresh eggs at the Makawao Farmers Market.

Does having a little hen house make sense…? Maybe!
What do you think?

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Ping Pong anyone?

One of the great things about living on Maui is taking a mini vacation in your own backyard. Many of the Hotels offer an amazing Kaamaina rate. You can pack a little bag and easily live the high life for a day or two. Your kids can slide on the big slides and play all day til they drop. You can even pack a bag of groceries and make lunch to take poolside instead of paying the hotel prices.
The views are sublime and it doesn’t take long before you feel like you are on vacation. The best part is at the end of the day you can walk back to your room instead of hauling all your gear and your sandy kids home. Many hotels don’t advertise this so give your favorite one a call and ask for their Kaamaina rate. It does require a Hawaii drivers licence.
Ping Pong Anyone?

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Still in the dark…but I see the Light!

Talk about not knowing what you are doing! I cleared the browsing history on my computer this morning and all of a sudden couldn’t get back into my blog! What an idiot.
Took me quite a while to just go to wordpress and log in again. And then I kept adding .com to the user name and it kept saying it was wrong…OMG thought I was locked out. FINALLY realized that I didn’t need the .com on the user name and here I am again.
I will be happy when I don’t have a mild sense of panic every time I try to do something new. Must sound silly to all of you long time bloggers, but computers always make me feel like I could delete it all with the push of a wrong key…Yikes! I am determined to learn this process and to sharing my beautiful Island with the world. Still in the dark…but I see the LIGHT!

Walking the Dog at Dusk

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Walking the Dog at Dusk

I walk the dog in the morning or just at the end of the day and I never get tired of this view, it is different in every light. The pineapple fields are there thanks to Pardee Erdman, owner of Ulupalakua Ranch.
He is a rancher who truly loves the land and didn’t want to see pineapple end on Maui. The fields you see here are Maui Gold in Haliimaile.