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Be Still….

I love Buddhas. They are so still and timeless. I am not a Buddhist but I respect a faith that teaches patience and an emphasis on looking for the good in all things. A reminder that all our frantic scrambling to work so much, worry so much, and jam so many things into our day is perhaps not the way to do it after all.DSCF0180
When we are patient and still many lovely things reveal themselves.

ulupalakua ranch
We catch moments we otherwise may have missed…

Ulupalakua Moment
And beautiful creatures trust us enough to get close.

My Neighborhood View
I am reminded once again to “Be Still” and go slow and savor each moment so that I see at least some of the many miracles as they unfold each day on our beautiful Island.

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A Bit of Color is Always Fun!

My Blog Spot
Here I am in my writing spot wondering what would be fun to share. This kitchen is a good place to be… easy to daydream and also a place where I get a lot done. Taxes are currently crowding my table, piles of receipts and reminders of 2012. But I am shoving all that aside… Taxes are no fun. I’ll share a bit of this space with you instead.

kitchen color

Kitchen Corner

A bit of color is always fun, Red and black gives my kitchen a cottage feel with a bit of drama.
I have an open pantry with my dishes, that way my dishes become part of what I enjoy visually.
There are all kinds of ways to put your style into the place you love….what do you love to look at when you are home?

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Been away but back today!

Hello Again!

I have been seriously distracted for the last couple of months and my blog has been ignored.

But It is a new year and I am back excited about writing and photography. I have been surprised and somewhat dismayed to discover that I really didn’t need to up grade my camera.

I was convinced that I needed a DSLR and I don’t regret getting it but it really showed me that I was already taking great pictures with my Canon G12.
I enjoy the new camera and especially have fun with the macro lens but as far as image quality and ease of use I was more than fine with the G12.
Sometimes you have to do it to actually believe it.

Can't resist the light The photo here is my favorite place to write…actually I always gravitate to this spot in my kitchen. It’s a great window seat and I can see out my front door from here as well. When family comes for dinner we always find ourselves crowded round this little table and laughing about our lives. Kitchens are like that…. in everyones homes it seems.

I have moved this beautiful wall with me from house to house...I love it.

This beautiful window from a Baldwin Building that was torn down has traveled with me from house to house. The painting is by Suzy Papanikolas

This house has been a fun journey in creating a space that feels good. A combination of color and light that always makes me glad to be home at the end of a day and tickled when I have a day off to settle in and enjoy it.

Perhaps I will post a journey through this sweet little house. I have broken my ankle and will be home for a month… Why don’t you join me!

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Going less Green! …Bamboo and the Jackson

A few years ago as I was landscaping my cottage I planted a clump pf bamboo to create privacy between my house and the neighbors. The very nice man at the Haiku Flower Festival assured me that the bamboo would grow to about 12 to 15 feet max. Famous last words…it grew and grew and grew until it stood at more like 40 feet straight up. And it was so happy that it just kept putting out new shoots, about one a day. Both my neighbor and I despaired as the debris covered more and more of our yards and things struggled to grow. Finally I called for help and got a tree trimming service to help be take it down and grind the roots.

Wow down it comes and the amount of light created was awesome!

I thought I would miss it but the light it created by coming down was delightful.
We displaced quite a few Jacksons but this one doesn’t seem to have minded. Talk about going green, these littles guys change to the most amazing shades of green depending on what they are walking on. And they truly do “Maui time”. They walk so slow that I could go inside get my camera, change lenses and still come back and take this shot!

The challenge now is to watch for new shoots that may have escaped the path of the grinder. Bamboo doesn’t give up easy so I will need to pay attention

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The Proud and the Loud


Score of the day!

In Hawaii on all Islands, Chickens are a problem. More and more running free.

For months I had a rooster outside my bedroom window with a hoarse cry that woke me up repeatedly thru the night. I fantasized about beebee guns and rat poison. But who wants to put other creatures at risk?  So because neither was a possibility I learned to live with it.
Hens however are maybe a whole different story. No rooster required.

People line up to buy fresh eggs at the Makawao Farmers Market.

Does having a little hen house make sense…? Maybe!
What do you think?