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A Bit of Color is Always Fun!

My Blog Spot
Here I am in my writing spot wondering what would be fun to share. This kitchen is a good place to be… easy to daydream and also a place where I get a lot done. Taxes are currently crowding my table, piles of receipts and reminders of 2012. But I am shoving all that aside… Taxes are no fun. I’ll share a bit of this space with you instead.

kitchen color

Kitchen Corner

A bit of color is always fun, Red and black gives my kitchen a cottage feel with a bit of drama.
I have an open pantry with my dishes, that way my dishes become part of what I enjoy visually.
There are all kinds of ways to put your style into the place you love….what do you love to look at when you are home?

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Magic Numbers

62 a magic number filled with possibility.

62 a magic number filled with possibility.

Do you have magic numbers in your life? Numbers that seem full of possibility? Numbers that pop up over and over in your life?
The number that threads it’s way through my life is actually the number nine….
But I started today with 62 because I have been looking at that number as a fantasy goal for the last 20 years.
It marks the place where I could take early retirement. I have been in the art business for the last 30 years and I have loved it. It has been a grand magical ride with opportunities that changed my mind and my life. A roller coaster ride that I just knew by 62 I would be grateful to exit with the slightly shaky feeling that you are still moving, but looking forward to finding a slower place to recover and regroup.

Keiki Beach Lahaina
  Keiki Beach Lahaina
Jodo Mission BuddhaThe World of Encaustic painting
Many things called out…If I wasn’t working I could ride my bike… and walk on Keiki Beach at low tide. I could seek a more spiritual path and let go of daily income being such a driving force. I could paint with encaustic colors and finally give in to the visual side of my core being….. 62 a magic number.
Then all of a sudden I was there.
I was 62 for real….
Am I ready?

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Been away but back today!

Hello Again!

I have been seriously distracted for the last couple of months and my blog has been ignored.

But It is a new year and I am back excited about writing and photography. I have been surprised and somewhat dismayed to discover that I really didn’t need to up grade my camera.

I was convinced that I needed a DSLR and I don’t regret getting it but it really showed me that I was already taking great pictures with my Canon G12.
I enjoy the new camera and especially have fun with the macro lens but as far as image quality and ease of use I was more than fine with the G12.
Sometimes you have to do it to actually believe it.

Can't resist the light The photo here is my favorite place to write…actually I always gravitate to this spot in my kitchen. It’s a great window seat and I can see out my front door from here as well. When family comes for dinner we always find ourselves crowded round this little table and laughing about our lives. Kitchens are like that…. in everyones homes it seems.

I have moved this beautiful wall with me from house to house...I love it.

This beautiful window from a Baldwin Building that was torn down has traveled with me from house to house. The painting is by Suzy Papanikolas

This house has been a fun journey in creating a space that feels good. A combination of color and light that always makes me glad to be home at the end of a day and tickled when I have a day off to settle in and enjoy it.

Perhaps I will post a journey through this sweet little house. I have broken my ankle and will be home for a month… Why don’t you join me!

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Still in the dark…but I see the Light!

Talk about not knowing what you are doing! I cleared the browsing history on my computer this morning and all of a sudden couldn’t get back into my blog! What an idiot.
Took me quite a while to just go to wordpress and log in again. And then I kept adding .com to the user name and it kept saying it was wrong…OMG thought I was locked out. FINALLY realized that I didn’t need the .com on the user name and here I am again.
I will be happy when I don’t have a mild sense of panic every time I try to do something new. Must sound silly to all of you long time bloggers, but computers always make me feel like I could delete it all with the push of a wrong key…Yikes! I am determined to learn this process and to sharing my beautiful Island with the world. Still in the dark…but I see the LIGHT!