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Magic Numbers

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62 a magic number filled with possibility.

62 a magic number filled with possibility.

Do you have magic numbers in your life? Numbers that seem full of possibility? Numbers that pop up over and over in your life?
The number that threads it’s way through my life is actually the number nine….
But I started today with 62 because I have been looking at that number as a fantasy goal for the last 20 years.
It marks the place where I could take early retirement. I have been in the art business for the last 30 years and I have loved it. It has been a grand magical ride with opportunities that changed my mind and my life. A roller coaster ride that I just knew by 62 I would be grateful to exit with the slightly shaky feeling that you are still moving, but looking forward to finding a slower place to recover and regroup.

Keiki Beach Lahaina
  Keiki Beach Lahaina
Jodo Mission BuddhaThe World of Encaustic painting
Many things called out…If I wasn’t working I could ride my bike… and walk on Keiki Beach at low tide. I could seek a more spiritual path and let go of daily income being such a driving force. I could paint with encaustic colors and finally give in to the visual side of my core being….. 62 a magic number.
Then all of a sudden I was there.
I was 62 for real….
Am I ready?


One thought on “Magic Numbers

  1. Are you…?

    I had hoped to retire before I was 30; of course it didn’t happen, but a little ambition can never hurt, right? Until then, I’m making sure I take the time to ride my bike. I don’t think of retirement very often these days, but when I do, I don’t expect I’ll regret not having gone to more meetings…

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